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Elizabeth Denham explores future of enforcement under GDPR

“I just want to remind you, there’s a whole set of new tools that we have that we intend on using and not just fines” Elizabeth Denham is the UK Information Commissioner. She is the person overseeing our data protection laws and clearly has ideas, with an agenda, on how GDPR and DPA18 will be enforced in the UK. These

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Don’t open emails until you read this

Why you shouldn’t open emails until you read this. Schools are facing an email phishing scam epidemic and need to know what to do. The information below should be read by your Data Protection lead/DPO, your IT Support and it is advised that Senior Leadership are fully informed. The emails may look like this…


The top 5 tasks you SHOULD have completed

The top 5 tasks you SHOULD have completed to ensure compliance with the GDPR It’s been several months since GDPR Day – here are 5 things you SHOULD have completed by now: 1  Appoint and inform ICO of details of your DPO  It is a legal requirement under the GDPR that every school appoints a Data Protection Officer (DPO). You MUST

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