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We would be delighted if you introduced GDPRiS to other schools

How it works for you

We give you 1 month FREE at the end of your current subscription  when you introduce us to another school/MAT who then buys. There is no limit on the number of referrals that you can make. Therefore, if you were to make 12 successful referrals, you would receive a full year FOC.

How you help other schools

Great deal for your friends!  As well as your free month we will give the school/MAT you have referred 1 extra month FREE on their annual subscription to GDPRiS too!

Spread the word

We all like to talk but when you recommend us by word of mouth, don’t forget to tell them to mention your name and your school name when they contact us. This will ensure that we are able to track your referral rewards if they become a GDPRiS customer.

Hold a GDPR best practice event

We would welcome the opportunity to engage with fellow educationalists at an education event. Why not invite one of our GDPR Gurus to a networking event, or host a dedicated event for us? We would be delighted to share our insights into good practice in data protection and ICO audits in MATs. Any sales generated from introductions at the event would be credited to you – we’ll also pay for the refreshements!

Join us on social media

Follow us on social media Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook Sharing our content is a great way to help inform other schools of the benefits that you are enjoying by using GDPRiS. Any sales generated from a post that you have shared will also be credited to you.

GDPRiS referral

Send us referrals from any device

Our referral form allows you to send up to 3 referrals at once, that’s a possible 3 months off your next year subscription. Don’t forget, when you get a month free, so does the school/MAT you have referred – start referring and spread the benefits!

A personal gift for you

Last but not least, in addition to the free months  you earn for your school, we will send you a £50 Amazon gift card when you have provided 5 successful referrals – our personal thank you that you can spend as you wish for you or your school.

To discuss any aspects of our referral programme, please call 02039 610 110 or email