Our solution

GDPRiS for Schools

Provides pre-populated data maps for more than 3,000 suppliers

Streamline SARs, incident & data breach reporting

Store & share policy documents, training records & materials

Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQs) to all staff to ensure full accountability

Unlimited phone/email advice and guidance on the DPA 2018, the GDPR and ICO regulations

Supply & store SAQs in other areas i.e. networks, access control

GDPRiS for MATs, LAs & Data Protection Officers

Centrally manage GDPR across single or multiple schools

Prompt good practice surrounding data protection

Demonstrate commitment to manage data sensitively & ethically

React quickly to SARs, incidents and data breaches

Build a framework to encourage a culture of privacy

Advocate accountability

GDPRiS in an invaluable tool for schools - contact us today!

DPOiS for Schools

Specifically designed to ease the strain on internally appointed school DPOs to improve their own efficiencies and capabilities.

A technology driven, low-cost service with GDPRiS at its core

Led by an experienced educationalist and data protection practitioner (CIPP/E)

Supported by a professional team to pro-actively monitor your compliance efforts

Assistance performing a full internal audit and gap analysis to identify problem areas, provides termly reports to Governors

Provides a comprehensive bank of resources and templates including DPIAs

Unlimited advice, guidance and support around the DPA 2018, the GDPR and ICO regulations

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