ICO’s first school audit reports online

Enquire Learning Trust, Active Learning Trust and Greenwood Academies Trust are the first MATs to experience an ICO audit since the introduction of the GDPR in May 2018. These reports have been published online in the public domain. Many schools will learn much from these reports.

Enquire Learning Trust was praised for creating an Information Governance Strategy Group to develop a number of new processes for data protection.
Greenwood Academies Trust was said to be positively working towards GDPR compliance. They have a programme of data protection awareness for staff was in place via emails, posters and through the data protection officer role.
At the Active learning Trust there has been considerable progress to address GDPR compliance. They have introduced a number of measures, which have made a positive impact on their GDPR compliance.

It is notable that in every audit, data sharing and data mapping processes need attention within the Trust. Each needs to carry out DPIAs in all areas where personal data may be at risk. Perhaps suppliers of systems that hold personal data should be offering schools better advice and more information than they have done so far? EduTech suppliers please make note!

You can read the ICO Audit reports here