GDPR – the importance of being a graceful swan

GDPR and the importance of being a graceful swan

The swan metaphor is used to describe the perception of calm, control and graceful action whilst under the waterline, out of the public gaze, the manic paddling of the webbed feet are enabling the graceful movements above the water.

With the increasing awareness of the public, of their rights and an organisations obligation, under the new General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Act 2018, it is becoming increasingly important for organisations to reinforce or enhance the public’s perception of their services and hence “the importance of being a graceful swan” despite their current perception or level of activity needed behind the scenes to understand and adapt to the changing landscape.

So, I hear you say, “what are the benefits of being a swan”. To which I will reply several, but to list a few:

  • Customers who have a good perception of an organisation are less likely to issue a subject access request
  • Organisations who demonstrate a prominent, competent attitude towards data privacy, will gain a competitive edge with potential customers

Have you implemented your swan strategy yet?

A consistent and strong swan strategy is essential for any organisation to successfully become a graceful swan. This can include consistent and well-considered communications, strong training and awareness of staff, doing what you say you will do and having an effective strategy for when things go wrong.

About the author

Darren Rose CIPP/E, DHR Consultancy

Darren is a CIPP/E qualified Data Protection Specialist who provides support, training and consultancy to schools including the Independent Sector. With a unique understanding and experience of supporting schools with statutory compliance, Darren brings depth and real-world educational context to the training and support services he provides to schools.