DfE urges school suppliers to help with GDPR.

At GDPRiS, we have been doing everything we can to engage with school suppliers that process data to fulfil their obligation to support schools in complying with the new GDPR.

On Thursday 22 March, the DfE published an open letter to school suppliers, the Data protection changes: letter to the supplier community highlights the important role that school suppliers have to play in helping schools demonstrate compliance with the regulation and appeals for action.

GDPRiS’ CEO Lynne Taylor, an active member of a DfE GDPR working group, commented “It is wonderful that the DfE now recognises the biggest challenge for schools is their suppliers. GDPRiS has engaged with more suppliers on behalf of schools than any other organisation, however it is apparent that some are reluctant to share their GDPR preparations. We hope that this communication from the DfE will encourage suppliers to start taking action as a priority to support the schools they service”.

GDPRiS’ software is 100% in-line with the DfE thinking and advice; and will continue to be so as new information is released from the Data Protection Bill and ICO. Our staff training and accountability sections, auditing and mapping process for suppliers based on a framework we have agreed with a DfE GDPR working group, provide the highest level of school-focused functionality available.

The DfE has also started producing valuable resources to support schools such as a GDPR awareness video and various blogs, and we look forward to many more; there will be a comprehensive toolkit available to schools mid-April.

GDPRiS has also produced many free resources for schools and we have just published the first in a series of free GDPR training videos for schools as well as a video for parents.