Covid-19 – Schools must secure personal data

Covid-19 – Schools must secure personal data

Covid-19 will eventually go away – compromised data won’t be so easy to put right. Here’s some simple guidance to help ensure all data remains secure and enhances your safeguarding procedures.

Stay safe

Download our free posters to help you get the message of handwashing across to your students and help protect your school community against Covid-19.

Privacy policy

Revisit and review your privacy policy. Due to Covid-19, it is likely some staff will be asked to work remotely, there must be a reference to this in your Privacy policy.

GDPRiS customers

We have written some example text that GDPRiS customers can incorporate into their Privacy Policy. You will also find further guidance including Risk analysis and some example text to add to your privacy policy. Simply login to GDPRiS to access.

Remind staff of their Data Protection training

We have produced a FREE video for all staff to view to remind them of their responsibilities and to help them understand what they must consider when working remotely.

You can also download our DOs and DONT’s handout for staff when working from home.

For more detailed and comprehensive instructions for specific roles in school ask about our Role-based videos, watch the demo video below.

Know how to get help

GDPRiS will be fully operational with our normal service to support your Data Protection processes throughout this crisis.

Our customers and future customers may contact us through email, by telephone +44 (0)2039 610 110 and through this website.

GDPRiS customers can access our new ‘Live Chat’ within the GDPRiS portal.

Other sources of help

DfE updates

These can be found here

ICO Updates

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