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Great – your data’s in the ‘cloud’ but which one?

Brexit may prevent EU online processing It is hard to avoid the news about whether there will be a ‘Deal’, ‘No Deal’ or a Hard Brexit. Education will be affected and as a result, the DfE has published advice to prepare schools for each eventuality. This covers teacher qualifications, travel, pensions, university places, and many other areas where data is

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400 Supplier Data Maps Published

Over 400 supplier data maps now available in GDPRiS. Thanks to the professional knowledge of our dedicated team, we are delighted to announce that more than 400 supplier product data maps have been published in GDPRiS. Our data maps have been designed in accordance with the forthcoming DfE toolkit for schools ensuring that GDPRiS really is a unique companion for

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DfE urges school suppliers to help with GDPR

DfE urges school suppliers to help with GDPR. At GDPRiS, we have been doing everything we can to engage with school suppliers that process data to fulfil their obligation to support schools in complying with the new GDPR. On Thursday 22 March, the DfE published an open letter to school suppliers, the Data protection changes: letter to the supplier community

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