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Polling Stations in Schools

Data Protection considerations for schools as polling stations. The advent of the 12 December General Election 2019 has posed some interesting problems for schools as Polling Stations. Many schools close to students for the day, and some do so for all but essential staff, whilst others try to maintain ‘school as normal’ and remain open as much as possible. Download

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The top 5 tasks you SHOULD have completed

The top 5 tasks you SHOULD have completed to ensure compliance with the GDPR It’s been several months since GDPR Day – here are 5 things you SHOULD have completed by now: 1  Appoint and inform ICO of details of your DPO  It is a legal requirement under the GDPR that every school appoints a Data Protection Officer (DPO). You MUST

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Making sense of the GDPR jargon for schools

Making sense of the GDPR jargon for schools Everyone wants to do the right thing in protecting personal data in schools. However, you must understand the language relating to data protection and privacy, and this can be quite baffling. Where possible misunderstandings can take place, you will inevitably find myths cropping up – we’ll be dispelling a load of myths

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