Data Protection

Governance and Data Protection in Schools

Governance and Data Protection in schools, the balance between the strategic role of Governors against the operational role of the SLT

Covid-19 ICO understands school priorities

The ICO understands school priorities but safeguarding data remains paramount. Covid-19 has brought about the best in all communities and it turns out that the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) is not the big ogre everyone thought they were. It is their role to police data protection in the UK and rightly so. However, in a recent publication about their approach

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Helping schools comply with the GDPR security principle

GDPRiS partners with CyberSecurity app Secure Schools to help schools comply with the GDPR security principle. We are delighted to announce our partnership with Secure Schools to further help schools comply with data protection law and in particular the GDPR security principle. Talking about the partnership, Tony Sheppard, Head of Services at GDPR in Schools said “The growing importance of

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Polling Stations in Schools

Data Protection considerations for schools as polling stations. The advent of the 12 December General Election 2019 has posed some interesting problems for schools as Polling Stations. Many schools close to students for the day, and some do so for all but essential staff, whilst others try to maintain ‘school as normal’ and remain open as much as possible. Download

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Accountability not optional

Accountability, it’s not optional! When people talk about the principles of data protection enshrined in law, it is generated from years of progress around human rights, not just some arbitrary ideas thought up in Brussels. The important word is “protection” and always will be. The 7th principle of data protection is key to demonstrate all other principles are met – accountability. Without

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Information Commissioner draws attention to ‘Accountability’ at recent conference

“This next phase of GDPR requires a refocus on comprehensive data protection – embedding sound data governance in all of your business processes.” Elizabeth Denham, Information Commissioner Leading up to, and indeed since the implementation of the GDPR we had numerous conversations with schools, local authorities and EdTech suppliers regarding what the GDPR truly meant.  The majority of those we

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Merton Schools’ DPO leading the way in Data Protection

Merton Schools’ DPO leading the way in Data Protection Derek Crabtree, Schools’ ICT Support Manager and DPO for schools in the London Borough of Merton, has been nominated for various awards in recognition of his work to support schools across the Borough in complying with the new data protection laws in the UK. I’m really delighted to have even been

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Elizabeth Denham explores future of enforcement under GDPR

“I just want to remind you, there’s a whole set of new tools that we have that we intend on using and not just fines” Elizabeth Denham is the UK Information Commissioner. She is the person overseeing our data protection laws and clearly has ideas, with an agenda, on how GDPR and DPA18 will be enforced in the UK. These

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ICO’s first school audit reports online

ICO’s first school audit reports online Enquire Learning Trust, Active Learning Trust and Greenwood Academies Trust are the first MATs to experience an ICO audit since the introduction of the GDPR in May 2018. These reports have been published online in the public domain. Many schools will learn much from these reports. Enquire Learning Trust was praised for creating an

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Dispelling common gdpr myths part 2

Dispelling Common GDPR Myths – part 2 Following on from our blog ‘Dispelling Common GDPR Myths – part 1‘ here are 5 more GDPR myths we have heard and wanted to share to help clear up some of the confusion in schools. Let’s dispel another #5 common GDPR myths Myth #1 – This will stop me using any cloud services

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