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Elizabeth Denham explores future of enforcement under GDPR

“I just want to remind you, there’s a whole set of new tools that we have that we intend on using and not just fines” Elizabeth Denham is the UK Information Commissioner. She is the person overseeing our data protection laws and clearly has ideas, with an agenda, on how GDPR and DPA18 will be enforced in the UK. These

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ICO’s first school audit reports online

ICO’s first school audit reports online Enquire Learning Trust, Active Learning Trust and Greenwood Academies Trust are the first MATs to experience an ICO audit since the introduction of the GDPR in May 2018. These reports have been published online in the public domain. Many schools will learn much from these reports. Enquire Learning Trust was praised for creating an

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Dispelling common gdpr myths part 2

Dispelling Common GDPR Myths – part 2 Following on from our blog ‘Dispelling Common GDPR Myths – part 1‘ here are 5 more GDPR myths we have heard and wanted to share to help clear up some of the confusion in schools. Let’s dispel another #5 common GDPR myths Myth #1 – This will stop me using any cloud services

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Dispelling common gdpr myths 1

Dispelling Common GDPR Myths – part 1 There is much panic related to the implementation of GDPR in May 2018, yet it is pertinent to note that GDPR came into effect in 2016 and organisations were given 18 months to prepare before the enforcement of the new regulations begins. Compared to many private organisations, schools are much better placed to

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Which suppliers should schools be auditing under GDPR?

Confusion is arising regarding which of the 100s of suppliers used by a school should become part of a data audit under GDPR. There are 2 steps to establish this. Step 1 Identify all suppliers in school Step 2 From this list find out which supplier processes personal data for you Every supplier will not need to be audited, only

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How to boost your GDPR compliance with Data discovery

Featured article by Al Kingsley at Netsupport How to boost your GDPR compliance with Data discovery As part of the new the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that comes into effect on 25th May 2018, many schools are facing the challenge of how to find the tools and resources to cope with the new requirements at a time where many

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Why school data must be “accurate and up-to-date”

Why school data must be “accurate and up-to-date” Having accurate data is about much more than keeping Ofsted, or the ICO happy when they come to scrutinise or audit your school’s GDPR compliance. Good quality data will bring a wealth of benefits to your School, including: Quick and easy communication with parents Help safeguard students will medical or dietary requirements

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