Brexit, GDPR and Schools – the next steps

Brexit, GDPR and Schools

The nation has spoken – Brexit is going to happen and happen very quickly. So how will this affect your data protection processes in school and what do you need to do?

Over the past few months the GDPR in Schools team have been keeping an eye on how the wind has been blowing around the effects Brexit could have on schools and data protection. In our previous article we looked at the risk of a No Deal Brexit and areas you should consider.

The proposed deal negotiated by the Conservative Government has covered some aspects around data protection but was effectively designed to allow things to continue as before, but on the basis that a more formal arrangement is agreed by the end of the transition period. The main change we have to consider immediately is around how the legislation will be updated as part of exit.

The government will need to establish a Data Adequacy Agreement with the European Economic Area EEA. This is a status granted by the European Commission to countries outside the EEA who provide a level of personal data protection comparable to that provided in European law. When a country has been awarded the status, information can pass freely between it and the EEA without further safeguards being required. It is assumed that the UK will be granted this status.

Most of the data protection rules affecting schools will stay the same. However, there will be things you still need to do, and you will need to make the necessary adjustments to your privacy policies and data maps.

So, what planning should you be doing now?

Schools that don’t use GDPRiS

  • Establish if the data you send to a supplier will be processed outside the UK
  • Adjust your data flow and maps to reflect this
  • Consider how your Privacy notice should be changed
  • Contact GDPRiS for help

Schools that use GDPRiS

  • The GDPRiS team will make adjustments to all data maps as necessary
  • We’ll help you adjust your privacy policy
  • Our Data Protection experts will be monitoring all directives on your behalf
  • Refer other schools, tell them about the service we offer
  • …and enjoy a well-earned rest over Christmas

The team at GDPR in Schools will be monitoring these changes and working with colleagues in the DfE Data Protection Working Group to ensure that advice from DfE and ICO is updated. We’ll also translate any advice and guidance into sensible language where needed to ensure not only our customers but all schools understand what is required of them.

GDPRiS and DPOiS users should keep an eye on their notifications in the platform and sign up to our newsletter for more advice and guidance.