Over 400 supplier data maps now available in GDPRiS.

Thanks to the professional knowledge of our dedicated team, we are delighted to announce that more than 400 supplier product data maps have been published in GDPRiS.

Our data maps have been designed in accordance with the forthcoming DfE toolkit for schools ensuring that GDPRiS really is a unique companion for schools on their journey to GDPR compliance.

Whilst this is great news for schools, there is still much work to do with suppliers. The DfE recognises this and has published an open letter to suppliers asking them to become more proactive by engaging with their school customers.

We are committed to supporting schools and their suppliers in demonstrating their compliance with the GDPR and are offering suppliers a copy of the data maps we have produced for each of their products completely free of charge. We are sure school suppliers will find our data maps invaluable in guiding them on their own journey to compliance.

GDPRiS has a dedicated team focused on ensuring our users have access to comprehensive data maps and compliance information for all their suppliers. We are continuing to generate data maps for all suppliers and will shortly be uploading links to associated compliance documentation for each one.

We are working very closely with MIS suppliers and public bodies to obtain the most appropriate data maps for schools. It is expected these will be completed late April, in the meantime, we will continue to work on importing new data maps.

If you would like more information please contact suppliers@gdpr.school