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Comprehensive GDPR Monitoring and Management




School Centric

GDPRiS is a highly secure, cloud-based tool designed to reflect existing processes and the way schools work, whilst pro-actively prompting them to meet and exceed the new General Data Protection Regulations.

Powerful Features

The best of the best is combined in GDPRiS, it documents data flows, mapping and audit of all personal data, and prompts the use of SAQs. It will guide ALL school staff to a new level of data protection understanding.

Simple & Intuitive

GDPRiS has been designed with schools in mind, we have made it as simple and intuitive as possible ensuring it is easy to use and making it an invaluable tool for schools looking to achieve full GDPR compliance.

Awesome Support

GDPRiS is dedicated to helping schools meet and exceed the requirements of GDPR advocating accountability and demonstrating compliance. Our team are on hand to offer friendly and timely guidance to support you in achieving this goal.
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Partners & Resellers;Clients;Friends

Our partners are some of the best!

Our partners are some of the most trusted names in the industry. They all work with schools and are dedicated to making life easier for schools so you can be confident that they can help you with any questions you may have regarding GDPR.

What Our Partners & Resellers;Clients;Friends Say

Data Security Incident Trends in Education – Q2 2018/19

Disclosure of data


Obtaining data without consent

Inaccurate data

GDPRiS is Innovative; Invaluable; Simple yet powerful; Designed for schools

We understand schools

Unlike outside agencies we know how schools work.  We’ve written GDPRiS to mirror your existing processes and the way you work, whilst pro-actively prompting you to meet and exceed the new GDPR requirements.

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We understand data

We have brought together the very best team chosen from top education online systems such as GroupCall and ParentPay. We know about personal data in schools, how it is stored and shared by all the major suppliers.

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We understand GDPR

GDPR and DPA18 are a data protection game-changer! They have brought new demands and challenges that have impacted school resources and ultimately finances. We can help schools address and meet, these challenges head-on!

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